Work less and get more
from your financial data

Make better decisions, get faster insight,
connect the dots like no other system—
that’s the power of Helix.
hundreds of
hours a year!*

Helix helps you:

Save hours, days or weeks of work

Forget manually working-up data each time you need it. With our proprietary metadata method, configure your data in any linked data source and never do it again for that set.

Define which data

Catch and repair

Set rules to map or fix inconsistencies in names, accounts or transactions from within Helix.

End the multi-step Excel

Say goodbye to the grinding cycle of import > repair > report (again and again) that’s typical of Excel-based financial products. One-click reporting is here!

Achieve unmatched

Thorough cross-checking for data integrity gives Helix a level of accuracy unachievable with spreadsheet reporting and unmatched by other financial reporting software.

Reconcile intercompany transactions

Ensure meaningful reports with features like reconciling/eliminating inter-company transactions to prevent them from tainting report integrity.

Make your investors’ day

Next time an investor asks for a report on their specific investment, surprise them with your same-day, fully-detailed, cross-checked result.

See the big picture…

General neat, standardized reports that are easy to reference at a glance.

…or see the nitty gritty

Drill down to the transaction level to understand each individual number at its source.

Start seamlessly today

No need to fret about large-system implementation or transition pains. Start with your most consuming data to report, and configure more rules as you go along.

View it clearly on any

Review reports on your phone, tablet or computer with a crisp, responsive and fully-functional UX 

Custom reports

Whether these are slight variations of our current reports or a completely new concept, our powerful data aggregation and categorization allows you to see the data the way you need it!


Helix comes ready to generate highly-specific reports from hard-to-report data, such as P&L for an individual partner with varying equity percentages in multiple businesses. We also work with you to custom-configure data to solve YOUR data challenge. Schedule a demo or call to see how we can help!

Try it now

No staff retraining. No account platform changes.

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*Savings estimates are based on reports provided to us by our clients. Results experienced by one company are NOT a claim of the results you should or can expect.

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